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Rising up to create a nurturing and creative world for our youth

RISE stands for Resilience Initiative for Stability and Empowerment, which means that we strive to help our youth overcome trauma by creating a stable and encouraging environment in their schools and social lives. To do this, we work carefully to educate the community and raise awareness of childhood trauma and how it can affect social and educational aspects. Our goal is to show you how adopting a trauma-aware attitude can create an environment for positive outcomes for an entire community.

Join our cause and help the community

Join our cause and help the community

RISE offers resources, advice and assistance for dealing with child trauma in the community. Here are a few ways you can effectively handle a trauma-sensitive youth:

  • Establish safety and trust. Encourage youth to share information and their personal history.
  • Assess the need and readiness for therapeutic interventions, and make appropriate referrals.
  • Prioritize the youth’s immediate needs, such as safety, food and shelter.
  • Remember that the chronological age of the youth may not match his or her present intellectual, emotional or maturity levels.
  • Acknowledge past experiences of loss, betrayal and neglect.
  • Consider a young person’s behavior in the context of his or her life experiences.

RISE is here to help our youth rise up and prosper after unfortunate life events. You can help by becoming trauma-informed and knowing how to deal with children in need. Email us today to learn more about our organization and how you can get involved.