What Is Trauma?

Learn the symptoms and effects of trauma in children and young adults

Trauma refers to physical abuse, neglect, domestic violence or any other life event that may emotionally affect a child’s learning and development. It’s our goal at RISE to raise awareness of how trauma affects children and offer ways for the community to recognize trauma.

We provide resources and information about trauma and trauma-informed methods to help the community understand the issue in social and educational settings.

Know the signs of trauma

Know the signs of trauma

Complex trauma can affect children in many ways. Below are a few common factors to be aware of when dealing with abused or neglected children. Most children:

  • Have difficulty developing a strong, healthy attachment to a caregiver
  • Have trouble controlling and expressing emotions
  • May react violently or inappropriately to situations

It’s our goal to help children and young adults experiencing these types of behaviors to feel safe and secure. We want to develop healthy, supportive relationships with our youth. Being trauma-informed and knowing how to handle certain situations are the most effective ways to help.

If you would like to learn more about trauma or trauma-informed methods, please email us today. We’ll gladly provide you with information and training.