Stand Up and RISE Against Trauma

An organization fighting to end violence against children and young adults

Our future lies in the hands of children and young adults. Therefore, our first priority should be to provide a nurturing and caring environment for them to grow and succeed in. Unfortunately, not all youth receive such care, and they are often subjected to trauma or other life threatening events. RISE is dedicated to children’s health and empowerment. Our goal is to raise awareness of trauma and educate the community about how it can affect the social and educational aspects of a child's life.

We envision a community in which youth are valued, respected and honored by a collaborative support system of adults who are organized and trained to help them realize their potential.

Learn about trauma and become an advocate

We want you to be an advocate for our community’s youth. If you’re concerned about a child or youth, it’s important to know how you can help them. Recognizing the effects of trauma and understanding how to address the issue are important objectives to help put an end to child abuse, neglect and violence. RISE offers insight about trauma and provides the best trauma-informed methods to be used when caring for a child’s mental health. Our educational information and trainings:

  • Look at how adverse childhood experiences and trauma affect children and young adults’ development.
  • Analyze trauma survivors’ ability to learn and process information, and develop healthy relationships.
  • Offer ways we can best intervene to help children and young adults to be more successful.

Help us put an end to trauma among children and young adults

Understanding trauma and helping the youth in our community to heal is what we strive every day to accomplish. We’re always looking for more community engagement and hope that you’ll join our movement. If you would like to know more about methods in dealing with trauma, we offer counseling, financial assistance and informative resources. We hope that you join us and work toward stability and empowerment for our youth.

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